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Team, Dedication, Experience, Knowledge, Perception Matters We have been in businesss for more than 11 years for a reason.

We work with any business that believes information technology is a powerful engine for change

Kraff Software is an IT consulting, design and implementation company

We have been helping clients to design information systems and applications to transform their businesses . We focus on three main areas:

Understanding Business Challenges

The consultancy has grown continuously from the day it was created as have the skills of the consultants who have joined us.

How Kraffsoft Works - Our Design & Development Process


We decide on the information archtecture of the site - how to intuitively and logically structure, categorize and display the content


We create wireframes to establish a flow of the information. This stage involves creating very basic compositions of the key pages of the website.


We expand on the plan to develop a concept, carefully honing and revising the possibilities until a single, clear solution emerges.


Now the solution has been clearly designed, we put the pieces together using a variety of technologies, before thoroughly testing and finally launching.

Going Live

We'll take your site live to the whole world - doing all the little things that need to be done to launch a website properly.

What our Clients say

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